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MSMEs: Soulmate for the Plastics Industry

Apr - May 2024

MSMEs are akin to a ‘Once upon a time’ story, where the zeal to become a wealth creator and a job creator drives an individual to take his or her baby steps in the vast and sometimes wild corporate jungle, which can be helpful for once and unforgiving the other time!

Some check the waters before making the decision and for some, the plunge is the way forward. Learn-do-grow chartered most journeys. The plastics industry felt a profound impact from this entrepreneurial spirit and benefitted immensely.

The journey has not been easy. Availability of technology, finance, right skills and the mystic of the right scale has and will continue to challenge this spirit; the passion, however, keeps things moving in the right direction (at different paces though!) As always, some are more fortunate than the others. This mass of corporate is now a movement with an enviable momentum, each MSME charting its own script of success that also provides a canopy against failures, something that each one of us face. We, at POLYMERS Communiqué, dedicate this edition to MSMEs, the cornerstone of success for the plastics industry...and see them grow larger and larger, and supporting the next generation of MSMEs. Happy reading...the ‘Industry Take’ on MSMEs will provide the right framework for most mission and vision statements of the future.